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Telling the Green Building Story

One thing we have realized in our pursuit to build better homes is that it’s hard to tell the story of green building in the short amount of time that people are experiencing our homes on their first visit.  First impressions go a long way, and we have thought a lot about the best way to [...]

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A Primer on SIPS-Building Tight, Efficient Homes

Today’s topic in the pursuit of better built homes: SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels).  The exterior envelope at 1105Dwell Development is completely comprised of this amazing building material that gives a great deal of benefit while using far less in the way of energy and materials than it’s traditional stick frame counterpart.  We want to take a quick look [...]

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HRV’s for Healthy Air Quality

Another one of the many features of 1105Dwell Development is the attention given to healthy indoor air quality.  We started with an extremely tight envelope; meaning we worked tirelessly to ensure that the house was as airtight as we could make it in order to lay the foundation for the efficiencies we were striving for.  The finishes [...]

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Dwell on Dwell-A Video Short

Just produced this short video to share a bit about what we do and the philosophy behind it. It’s about raising the bar on residential development; to contribute to community, to promote Health, Efficiency, Sustainability, and the value of investment in a better built home.  Our project 1105Dwell Development is our latest addition to the [...]

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Up on Top at 1105Dwell Development

This weekend is Seafair and many of us have already started looking up in the sky to follow the scream of the Blue Angels as they streak across the sky.  Seemed like a perfect time to say a little something about the roof top decks that have all but become a staple of Dwell Development [...]

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Midweek Workup on 1105Dwell Development-Value in the Details

Thoughtful design is a collection of many things, not the least of which are efficient operations and technologies that offer as much in the way of comfort and convenience as they do in savings for the residents.  Today’s topic: Tankless Hot Water Heaters. Tankless Hot Water Heaters are an excellent example of just one of the features of our latest project [...]

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