BASF goes above and beyond code with the new BEYOND initiative

Today we aired our latest segment on KING5′s New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson, featuring BEYOND, an initiative focused on increasing energy efficiencies in residential homes by BASF.

The program, launched earlier this year by the BASF Center for Building Excellence is offered to builders  of sustainable residential construction, such as Dwell Development, to construct homes that outperform conventional code-built homes.  When built to the BEYOND requirements, homes must achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index score of 50 or lower, which means it requires at least 50 percent less energy than a home built to conventional code-built home.  This program offers a five-year limited guarantee on heating and cooling energy use and comfort as provided through the Environments For Living program by Masco Home Services, Inc.

This is a match made in heaven as BASF’s BEYOND initiative is completely in sync with Dwell Development’s vision and goals-to increase the construction of homes that are sustainable, go beyond code and are still affordable, measurable and provide lasting value.  “We’ve been meeting these sustainable building practices in the past and it’s great now to have our standards acknowledged through this program”, said Anthony Maschmedt, princpal of Dwell Development.”  To learn more about BASF’s BEYOND Applied Building Science program click here.

To demonstrate how Dwell Development meets standards set by programs such as BEYOND, Anthony was joined on the show by Tadashi Shiga of Evergreen Certified who provide third-party certification services for green building projects. Together, on set, they conducted a blower door test which is how a home’s  airtightness is determined.  We also had updates on the progress of Habitat for Humanity’s House of the Immediate Future being built at the Seattle Center, which will be moved to our Columbia Station Phase 4 micro-community later this year.  Anthony also shared progress of our Passive House (see image below) which will be adjacent to the relocated home.

To learn more about what a Passive House is, click here and to view the New Day Northwest segment which aired today, click here.




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